Shabbat Shira, Jan. 23

song of the seaOn January 23, we celebrate “SHABBAT SHIRA”, the Sabbath of Singing. We highlight this Shabbat with beautiful music and new melodies to celebrate Moses and Miriam leading the Israelites across the The Red Sea and out of Egypt. We are once again delighted to hear Rhonda Solomon’s lovely voice chanting the special “Shirat Hayam” selection from the Torah–the “Song of the Sea” from where Shabbat Shira’s name is derived.

At our Shabbat Shira service, I will be featuring musical compositions by cantors and composers from the Toronto area, past and present. Please join us for delightful shabbat music that is sung not only in our own community, but in synagogues throughout the world.

Looking forward to joining in song together with all of you!

Audrey Kaufman Cantorial/Spiritual Leader