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Am Shalom Congregation is its membership, a small community with members who bring their energy and dedication to deepen their connection to Judaism. Whether you find meaning in worship, singing, religious education, community outreach, or social action, Am Shalom supports a variety of initiatives. Join us for Shabbat or an event that interests you to meet the members and our Spiritual Leader, our doors are open to welcome all who wish to participate. 

Reform Jews are committed to the principle of inclusion, not exclusion. Since 1978 the Reform Movement has been reaching out to Jews-by-choice and interfaith families, encouraging them to embrace Judaism. Reform Jews consider children to be Jewish if they are the child of a Jewish father or mother, so long as the child is raised as a Jew.

Reform Jews are committed to the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life. We were the first movement to ordain women rabbis, invest women cantors, and elect women presidents of our synagogues.

Reform Jews are also committed to the full participation of the LGBTQ+ community in synagogue life as well as society at large.

Please note: High Holiday ticket fees can be put towards your membership in the same year as they were purchased.

What if finances are a barrier?

The most important thing to our community is that everyone has an opportunity to become part of it, regardless of financial considerations. Our Treasurer is ready to work with you confidentially to find a way for you to join!  Please email the office with a request for Dues Relief and he will work with you to arrange a plan that works for you.

Please contact us for more information about joining our community. 

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