2021- 2023 Executive and Board





Ralph Mandel President





David Shron Past-President

Building / Security Chair






Jeff Wellman 1st Vice-President

Interfaith and Outreach Chair




Michaele-Sue Goldblatt 2nd Vice-President





ahuva knight




Ahuva Knight Treasurer


Joel Jacobson



Joel Jacobson Secretary

Interim Fundraising Chair







Rabbi Audrey Kaufman (non-voting) Ritual Chair






Doug Dizgun Membership Chair (and our IT Person)







Stephen Sperling Member at Large


Cirile Alter Social Chair

Vacant – Volunteer Chair






Jodie Shron (non-voting) – Administrator and Religious School Principal/Chair


We also have a Chesed or Kindness Committee to help out those in need in our community

The Board Executive along with Howard Bloom makes up our Accommodation committee

Howard Bloom is the Shirat Am Shalom Choir liaisonchoir april sm 2016