Lullabies from Exile Concert – Oct. 18

lullabies from exileSunday, Oct. 18 at 3 p.m.

$15 Am Shalom Members; $20 General Public

Proceeds in support of Shirat Am Shalom.

Lullabies from Exile is a collaboration between two dear friends, Yair Dalal and Lenka Lichtenberg that explores an astonishing range of emotional, cultural and historical dynamics and traditions. At its heart, Lullabies were sung by extraordinary mothers who endured remarkable journeys simply to be able to give birth to their children. For the Jewish nation that has known much suffering, lullabies are often yearnings for better times. They are confessions of sadness and maternal frustration, disillusionment and broken dreams, often sung by mothers in states of complete exhaustion yet always with great love for their children.