Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program

We would like to thank all those members who “Remembered those who perished in the Holocaust”, by lighting a Yellow Candle this past April 15th and made a donation to the Yellow Candle program this year. In your spirit of acts of loving kindness “Tzedekah” we have raised some $470.00 this year. This year’s goal was to raise some $1,400.00. So we are a third of the way there. If you have not yet made your donation to help us achieve our target, it is not too late. Please contact Kelly at the Am Shalom office and make your donation either through your Visa or Mastercard, or alternately mail your cheque to Am Shalom or pass your envelope donation to any Am Shalom Board member at your next service attendance. Please do not put cash in the mail. Your valuable contribution to the Yellow Candle program goes to further future synagogue program activities. Thank You. Ralph Mandel Social Action Chair