Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program

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Yom HaShoah May 5th, 2016 “Light a Candle, Preserve a Memory”

The Yellow Candle™ was created in 1981 by FJMC clubs in Canada, New England and elsewhere to keep alive the memory of the Six Million who perished in the Shoah. The Candle is modeled after a traditional Jewish memorial Yahrzeit candle that burns for 24 hours during periods of mourning and on the Yahrzeit anniversary of a family member. The candle’s yellow wax serves to remind us of the yellow arm band which Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi regime. A photo on the candle container shows young people visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. This reflects the importance of teaching our youth the lessons of the Holocaust and of remembering the Six Million.

Contact the office 705.792.3949 to order your candle.

Visit the Shoah Yellow Candle Remembrance Program website for more information.