Funeral & Cemetery Information

In Judaism we value life above all else, but we accept that one day we all must leave this world for the “world to come” – olam ha-ba.

As a member of the Congregation, you have the right to purchase cemetery plots for yourself and your family in our congregational cemetery, as long as you are members in good standing and have been for 3 years.

In the event of a death outside of Am Shalom’s regular business hours please call to leave us a message and then call the Funeral Parlour of your choice directly and they will contact the appropriate clergy on our behalf.

We recommend Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel 416-663-9060 or Steele’s Memorial Chapel 905-881-6003.  Alternatively you may call Steckley’s here in Barrie at 705-721-9921 or Hebrew Basic Burial at 416-780-0596.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the cemetery located?

The Am Shalom cemetery in located within “Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium”, on the west side of Highway 400 just north of Georgian Downs, in the Township of Innisfil, 705.722.3121.

Does the synagogue own the cemetery?

No. The synagogue has a long term agreement with the Cemetery, which is an independent private corporation. Innisvale agreed to section a part of their cemetery for exclusive use for Am Shalom, as a Jewish cemetery. In return, our members pre-purchased 25 plots.

Do we pay the Cemetery or the synagogue for our plots?

You would pay the Cemetery for your plots.

Does the Jewish section of the cemetery have a demarcated boundary?

Yes. Our section contains approximately 200 plots and is demarcated by a pathway of paving stones.

Has the cemetery been consecrated ?

Yes. The cemetery was dedicated on August 25, 2002 / 17 Elul 5762. Rabbi Baskin led the service.

Why should I prepay for my plot? I might move away.

Prepayment makes sense for many. It takes away a major burden from your family at the time of your death, and allows you to ensure burial alongside your spouse. If you move away you can sell your plot back to the Cemetery, less an administration fee.

I am not a member. My spouse just died. Can I buy a plot for him/her and for myself together?

Expanding the Jewish section in the future may or may not be possible. In any event, as we grow our needs will grow too and expenses will be incurred. To protect the Congregation’s future we ask that families purchasing a plot for their loved one donate 3 years of membership dues (tax deductible) for the deceased. For two or more adjoining plots (subject to availability) both purchasers would need to be members. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay. For dues relief, our treasurer is empowered by the Congregation to assist.

I am Jewish but my spouse is not. Can we be buried together?

Yes. As long as the requirements as set out in our agreement with the Cemetery are met. For example, two of the requirements are that no religious graveside service other than a Jewish service be conducted, and that no non-Jewish symbols are allowed on headstones. (A religious service other than Jewish may be conducted elsewhere, for example at a funeral parlour).

All purchasers of cemetery plots in the Am Shalom section must sign an agreement to abide by these rules, which are also among the bylaws of Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium ( Article 13.02 )

Is there a local funeral parlour that can handle a Jewish funeral?

To date there is no Jewish burial society in Barrie, but we hope to start one. Am Shalom can recommend a rabbi or cantor for the funeral service, which can be held in our sanctuary. To adhere to all the Jewish laws regarding death, funeral, and burial we recommend:

Benjamin Park Memorial Chapel in Toronto, 416.663.9060

Steel’s Memorial Chapel in Toronto,  905.881.6003

Hebrew Basic Burial in Toronto 416-780-0596

Steckley–Gooderham in Barrie can arrange almost all aspects of a Jewish funeral (kosher casket, shiva chairs, kriah ribbons, burial shroud). The ritual washing and shomer (guard) would normally be done by a Chevra Kaddisha (burial society).  To date there is no Jewish burial society in Barrie, but we hope to start one.

Please do let us know about shiva dates and times as many members of our congregation would attend to support the bereaved.

Am Shalom Funeral Policy